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The Kee Widow Programme

Kee Widows – An overview of the key widows programmes In contrast to previous years, many children across Kenya can attend and complete primary school


Kee Widows – Partner with our charity for widows in Kenya When you partner with our charity, you will support and empower widows in Kenya.


Now who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and you will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness. You will be enriched on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanks giving to God. – PSALM 9:10:11

Kee Widows – The charity for widows in Kenya

Since 2010, Kee Widows has supported widows and their families within the county of Machakos in Kenya. As a registered not-for-profit charity (No.3774566), our goal is to help a widow in need whenever they come to us, but to do that we need your support. We are committed to helping widows in Machakos break free of poverty and degradation, so that they have the skills and support needed to become economically sufficient.

The importance of supporting widows in Kenya

The struggles and living conditions of widows in Kenya are often invisible, however here at Kee Widows we are here to help their families through their hardships. Not only have these women lost their husbands, but due to cultural pressure many of them are unable to inherit their husband’s property and land.

Sadly, this creates an uncertain future for widows who have are forced to raise their families alone. In some rural parts of kenya,widowhood means you are of little value, culturally widows are considered impure and tradition dictates they must be “cleansed” of their husbands deaths . With new husband cleansing through unsafe sex many widows lose their freedom overnight while also facing the potential risk of HIV and STD infections.

For many women in Kenya, their husbands are the main breadwinner, so following their sad death the widows face immense financial pressure. In a country without financial assistance, widows are forced to either work or marry, with all dignity and freedom of choice taken away.

Many of the widows in Kenya rely on selling their wares at local markets, simply to earn a modest income, however the Coronavirus pandemic has put a stop to this vital income stream. Combined with an absence in government financial support, the widows and their families are left to fend for themselves, with indifference and discrimination from their local communities.

With your donations we can empower widows in Kenya both financially and by providing access to useful skills, which they can use to lift their families out of a lifetime of poverty. From simple food donations and basic sanitary ware to financial aid, your donation will save the lives of so many families.

How to help widows in Kenya

When you support our charity, you empower widows in Kenya and improve the lives of their families. Whether you are wondering how to donate to orphans in Kenya or widows, there are many ways your financial support can help. From legal aid and access to water through to grants for school children, we enable widows and orphans to stay out of poverty.

If you would like to make a financial donation, please see the ways you can do so below:

  • Donate by PayPal – email address mail@keewidows.com (you don’t need to have a PayPal account to donate).
  • Donate by cheque – send cheques to Kee Widows, P.O BOX 1401, Machakos, Kenya.
  • Donate by bank transfer – Account Name: Kee Widows, Bank: KCB BANK, Swift Code: KCB LKENX, Account Number: 1237022142.​

Whatever support you can offer; we are so grateful for your help.

Kee Widows