Help A widow In Need With A Charity Donation

Kee Widows charity plays a fundamental role in the life of many of Kenya’s neglected, oppressed and disinherited widows.

Many of these widows feel they have no rights. Not only are they spurned by the families of their late husbands; many find themselves and their children out of their homes and dispossessed by their husbands’ families. Reports show that Kenyan widows suffer from discrimination, systematic seizure of property and even evictions by their late husbands’ relatives.

This unfortunate tragedy is an accepted norm in the society and individuals and organisations, like Kee Widows charity, are fighting to raise awareness, and also assist widows – the widows need our help now. At this very moment, thousands of widows find themselves and their children not only without possession but with no place to live and no food to eat.

This significantly affects the future of these children whose education and scope for success are limited by their inability to have regular meals or a place to rest their heads at nights, moreover to even contemplate a future where they can become productive members of the society in which they live.

Why your help is needed

‘We were waiting for our deaths’ – this was the word of a Kenyan widow saved by tribal elders in 2016. Reuters reported that the widow was disinherited by her in-laws because she refused to accept the old custom which required her to sleep with another man, in what is dubbed ‘widow cleansing’. Many who observe the custom sees a widow as unclean unless she is ‘cleansed’ through sex with a relative of her late husband and sometimes even a stranger. The widow in question was HIV positive and the ritual involved unprotected sex, which meant her partaking in this custom would also involve the possibility of spreading the virus to at least one other person and quite possibly to even several other people. This was her reality, and many widows as we speak, live in this fear and feel helpless but to follow a custom that they don’t believe serve their interest out of the fear of what would happen if they didn’t – in many cases the result is death.

What if this was your story, or your mother’s, your sister’s or your daughter’s?

You can do something to help Kenya’s widows, you can offer hope to a widow and her children by contributing to our organisation. When you give to Kee Widows here are some ways the experience can positively impact you and those around you:

1. Pleasure of giving
When you give you feel the pleasure of knowing that you are contributing to the life and welfare of women and children who genuinely need your help. You can rest assured that even one family might have food on their table; that a child may be able to attend school and have a chance at a better future.

2. Get tax deduction
We are an approved charity and this means you can claim for tax deductions against any monetary contributions you make.

3. Pass on value of giving
Let your giving be a family experience, so your children can also experience the pleasure of helping those less fortunate who are unable to help themselves, or improve their lives. This experience provides you with an opportunity to teach your children about how vastly different life can be in other parts of the world, how important it is not to look the other way, and also do what you can to make the world a better place for everyone.

4. You decide how and what to give
With Kee Widows, donations can be made in cash and kind. Widows and their children need clothes, utensils, books, pencils, other material things and also a helping hand. We will accept your donation however you are able to give it.

5. Profound impact
Make a profound impact on the lives of these oppressed women. Not only are you giving them hope – you are also opening the door to new possibilities for their children – possibilities which means the chance to get a better education, to play a role in improving not only their lives but by extension their families’ lives and the standard of living of their communities.

Everyone can positive impact if they decide to, and every donation, of whatever magnitude, can change lives.

You can make a difference.